Siso Academy


SISO Academy Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SISO, was set up to meet and align Workplace Safety and Health learning and development activities for the benefit of the local and regional workforce.  Incorporated on 6 May 2016, SISO Academy consolidates more than 40 years of WSH expertise to provide a wide range of WSH Continuing Professional Development programmes that are taught by dedicated and very experienced subject matter experts.


The Academy’s vision is to be the leading Workplace Safety and Health Learning Institution in Asia that develops and transforms WSH Professionals.


1. To establish standards for competencies and practices for WSH Professionals.

2. To identify new professional skills for improvement.

3. To uphold the high standards of professional practices and develop value-creating WSH Professionals to meet industry expectations and align with global developments and innovations.

4. To promote and cultivate individual with positive WSH attributes and ownership.

5. To transform the WSH profession.


1. To help WSH Professionals to continue building up their skills, knowledge and attributes to stay employable and productive beyond their basic qualifications through a systematic lifelong learning journey.

2. To promote and cultivate positive TWSH within the organisations.

3. To develop new professional skills to improve effectiveness while maintaining up-to-date technical competency.

4. To develop ‘bite-size’ modular workplace learning rather than academic qualifications for WSH professionals.

5. To cultivate affiliation and cooperation with other international Occupational Safety and Health accreditation bodies/organisations and gain recognition for Singapore WSH Professionals.

6. To provide a one-stop TWSH solutions for organisations.