Risk Assessment for a Safe Workplace (Code of Practice on WSH Risk Management)

Category : Course

The Workplace Safety and Health (Risk Management) Regulations was introduced in 2006 to require employers, principals and self-employed persons to implement risk management in their workplaces. … More

ISO 9001:2015 - Internal Quality Auditor Training Course

Category : Course

This course aims to provide participants with the practical know-how of conducting internal audits effectively. Key audit processes from planning up to reporting and follow-up are clearly… More

WSH (Safety) Committee Training Course

Category : Course

Under the WSH (Workplace Safety and Health Committees) Regulations 2008 committee members are required to have a basic understanding and knowledge of their responsibilities and duties as safety… More

Code of Ethics for WSH Trainers

Category : Workshop

This workshop is designed especially for WSH trainers. They will learn the essentials of ethical behaviours and approaches towards resolving issues of integrity and diversity faced in their… More

SGSecure: Safeguarding through BizSAFE

Category : Workshop

The SGSecure national movement is Singapore's community response to the threat of terror. It aims to sensitise, train, and mobilise our community to prevent and deal with a terror attack.