Career Progression Pathway (CPP) Information

Career Progression Pathway (CPP) Information


The SISO Career Progression Pathway (CPP) is a program based on SISO Professional Standard which is, industry-agreed standards and benchmarked against The OHS Professional Capability Framework developed by the International Network of Safety and Health Practitioner Organizations (INSHPO). INSHPO is the global voice for the occupational health and safety (OHS) profession and comprises of 15 OHS professional and certification bodies.

The purpose of program is to provide a valid, transparent and reliable certification system for Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) professional to recognize their education, knowledge, and professional expertise, and to provide a validation and recognition process of Skill framework (SFw) for WSH profession in terms of qualifications and knowledge for practice as a WSH professional. Individual who embark on CPP, would have to under-go recertification every two years to maintain their credentials. This is the to ensure a high level of safety expertise in our WSH profession. This certification also outlines the various qualities of employers should look for in hiring a WSH professional for their organisations according to their needs.

CPP is a 5-level competency certification that provides individuals to embark on and continue their continuing education learning journey based on their readiness from the self-evaluation tool that SISO has developed.

What are the Benefits?

Due to the diversity of the WSH profession, there are opportunities with different level waiting for people. Each upgrading level would require higher level of education, responsibilities, experiences as well as skills and knowledge in areas such as leadership, communication, system thinking, WSH, business acumen, technology and new levels of innovation.

Each level of WSH professionals will receive higher remuneration package if they hold and maintain quality certifications.